Fast Mounting Multipoint Closure 1

Multipoint closure with movement mechanism inside. Closure, extension and plates in stainless steel, cams and screws in galvanized steel with nylon clips.

Fast Mounting Multipoint Closure 2

Multipoint closure with built-in moving end. Closure, plates, cams and screws are made of galvanized steel with nylon clips.

Sliding Unit Closing Kit

Stainless steel hook, plate and screws; zamak counterplate.

Cover Plug

Cover Plug. Made of nylon.

Cover Plug with Closing Latch

Block and closing latch in nylon.

Assembling Kit

Nylon or aluminium alignment corners, nylon shock-absorber elements and plugs; extruded aluminium central sealing element; rollers with nylon external support, galvanized zamak internal support and bearing in tempered steel covered by nylon with glass ?ber. Load of the roller: 100 kg per sash.